Carrier Report Card

Provides consolidated information to view and compare all key carrier metrics including performance, bill accuracy and claims

CTSI-Global's interactive Carrier Report Card is a powerful Web-based application that enables shippers to view every aspect of their carriers' performance. By integrating all modes and carriers into one standard format, clients can measure and manage key performance indicators (KPI) including shipping volumes, freight expense, accessorial detail, billing accuracy, claims performance and service quality.

With just a few clicks, the reporting system provides the flexibility to select a specific mode, carrier or group of carriers. The system then automatically compares, graphs and trends all key shipping variables.

The information gleaned from the CTSI-Global Carrier Report Card is vital to establishing the benchmarks critical to ensuring that carrier performance ultimately leads to a more efficient and cost-effective supply chain.

Key Features of CTSI-Global's Carrier Report Card Include:

  • View and analyze trends in carrier performance
  • Custom setup
  • Graphical view of carrier KPI
  • Graph any variable
  • Compare with other carriers and modes