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Business Intelligence

"We must measure what can be measured, and make measurable what cannot be measured."  Galileo Galilei, 1610

Information management is the most important product of freight bill audit and payment, transportation management systems or any other supply chain solution. CTSI-Global's business intelligence capability is unparalleled in the industry. CTSI-Global not only provides clients with timely online information but also goes the extra mile by providing the analytical reporting, graphing, mapping, drill-down, modeling and benchmarking tools necessary to achieve ongoing business process optimization. 

Standard and Ad Hoc Online Reporting

Executive Dashboard

CTSI-Global has more than 400 standard weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports in all areas. CTSI-Global can provide clients with a one-time report or provide them with recurring reports on virtually any aspect of their logistics operation for all modes and carriers. Clients can choose from these reports or can customize reporting to meet their specific business requirements.

Any piece of client data -- such as carriers, contracts, routing guides, location, order, inventory, shipping, event management, invoice detail, cost center coding and logic, audit logic, payment data or payment status -- can be made available to authorized users. Clients can designate which users have access to each application and data set by specifications such as region, division or department.

In addition to our standard online reporting, CTSI-Global provides the online ad hoc report function that empowers clients to create virtually any logistics or financial report in a manner of minutes. The online ad hoc query tools allow users to retrieve information 24/7 online using data stored and maintained at CTSI-Global. By taking advantage of the CTSI-Global data warehouse, analytical performance is greatly increased. The query interface provides a user-friendly means of building ad hoc queries, reports, maps and graphs.

Data Warehousing and Web-based Analytics

Most clients have discovered that CTSI-Global's multi-year data warehousing and Web-based analytic tools have eliminated their need for data exports for manual analysis and reporting. CTSI-Global also provides clients with the traditional functionality to export any data into standard Microsoft Excel for smaller file sets and flat files for larger data requests.

Business Intelligence Software-as-a-Service Applications Include:

  • Online Reporting
    • Complete Sarbanes-Oxley compliant reporting with multi-year online data retention for both standard and ad hoc analysis

  • Carrier Report Card
    • Provide consolidated information to view and compare all key carrier metrics, including performance, billing accuracy and claims

  • KPI Dashboards
    • Graphically display each of your key performance indicators (KPI) and drill-down to get the answers you need

  • Modeling
    • The ability to analyze any type of "what if?" scenarios to compare various modes, carriers, rate scales, services and origin shipping alternatives