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Analyze "what if?" scenarios to contrast various modes, carriers, rate scales, services and origin shipping alternatives

CTSI-Global has developed a powerful Modeling application that enables you to determine cost increases or reductions that can occur using a number of different variables to re-rate your existing shipping data with any new variable. This information can provide clear insight into the exact service and cost impact of any proposed change to your current business structure. 

Compare previously paid amounts versus what would have been paid for 100% carrier contract compliance. Synthesize carrier and rate options for negotiation as well as service and mode optimization.

This powerful application does more than model carrier pricing, offering a more complete set of possibilities for future planning and budgeting. For example, optimize site location to enable delivery within a required timeframe. This process can be performed annually to determine whether market conditions have changed the modeled location's effectiveness and cost structure.

CTSI-Global's Modeling Application Answers "What If?" Questions, such as:

  • Warehouse relocation
  • Mode optimization
  • Service level optimization
  • Rate comparisons

Key Features of CTSI-Global's Modeling Include:

  • Rate comparisons
  • Carrier comparisons
  • Mode switching comparisons
  • Warehouse location comparisons
  • Lane segment analysis
  • Post-audit and re-rate analysis
  • Time-in-transit
  • Network design