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Developer's Toolkit

Application Programming Interface (API)

Want to integrate CTSI-Global functionality into your website, internal business application or software? 

The CTSI-Global Developer's Toolkit makes it easy with direct access to development tools, sample code, documentation and more! Streamline your operations, reduce costs and increase speed to market by integrating CTSI-Global functionality today.

All interactions with the interfaces are through the HTTP POST method using an XML payload.

CTSI-Global's API technology


With the variety of options available today, selecting the best carrier can be a challenge for the global shipper or logistics service provider. CTSI-Global's Rating system enables the shipper or LSP to easily select the optimal carrier based on a predetermined routing guide, performance, price or other business criteria of the client's choosing.

Shipment Execution

The Shipment Execution application that matches the shipper's specific delivery requirements and preferred carriers. The app autmoates load tendering, quoting, confirmation and shipping operations.

Event Management

In today's economy, it is vital for shippers to provide reliable, on-time shipments to retailers and customers. CTSI-Global has the collaborative Event Management technology that integrates all modes and carriers into one online supply chain tracking solution. CTSI-Global provides the capability to track all pre-shipment, in-transit and post-shipment activity. Each event can be monitored proactively with any exceptions highlighted for additional attention or resolution.

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