Contract Management

Review, analyze, scan and store all contracts online

To ensure a strong Sarbanes-Oxley compliance process from the start, CTSI-Global works with clients and carriers to obtain executed hard copies of all contracts to audit. Contracts are reviewed and scanned for online access so that CTSI-Global has a source document upon which to base all soft copy rate files and audit inquiries. Rates are then accessed through existing online tariffs, loaded electronically or keyed with manual confirmation with test rating behind each process.

Online access to contracts allows our clients to know whether a contract is current, match any soft copy rates to those agreed upon in the contract and also have the detail to audit ancillary, fuel and other surcharges that are often found only in the contract verbiage.

Key Features of CTSI-Global's Contract Management Services Include:

  • Contract review
  • Contract and tariff scanning with online access
  • Carrier rate, discount and ancillary fee data capture with online access
  • Rate management
  • Fuel surcharge management
  • Reference tables for carrier, SCAC, city, postal code, country, accessorial fees, fuel prices and mileage