Data Capture

Efficient EDI processing, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), manual or online invoice entry with custom validation

CTSI-Global offers the industry's widest array of data capture alternatives to meet every client and carrier need. While 95% of CTSI-Global's data processing is received via efficient Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) communication, CTSI-Global also offers Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Online Data Entry (ODE), manual data entry with validation customized for each client and accessible at any location.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) provides the ideal technology to efficiently scan, read and store manual invoices for hundreds of non-EDI carriers. In addition to processing efficiency and data capture accuracy, an additional benefit of OCR is the front-end scanning and invoice image visibility.

Our innovative Online Data Entry (ODE) system provides carriers with the option of actually entering their invoices directly into our online payment system so that their payments can be included in our next payment cycle without any delays by the mail, manual data entry, etc. The benefit for the client is the receipt of all the same validation checks and controls without the additional time and expense of manual data entry.

Manual data entry is always an important option for more unique invoice processing needs. CTSI-Global's system has both the front-end validation checks as well as required data entry integrity controls to assure the highest possible level of data accuracy. Custom electronic file processing offers further flexibility.

Regardless of the data capture method, all data is normalized and consolidated into a global data warehouse for consistent validation, duplicate protection and processing. This level of data capture flexibility and control is one of the key reasons that CTSI-Global is able to consistently meet and exceed all client and carrier needs.