Business Intelligence

Afford your clients an extensive array of reports for logistics costs, carrier performance and payment performance

"We must measure what can be measured, and make measurable what cannot be measured."
    Galileo Galilei, 1610

Executive Dashboard

Business intelligence is the most important product of any transportation solution, and our capability is unparalleled in the industry. Not only can CTSI-Global provide your clients with timely online information, but it also goes the extra mile by providing the analytical drill-down reporting, interactive Carrier Report Card, graphing, trending, dynamic mapping, Executive Dashboard, modeling and benchmarking tools necessary to achieve ongoing business process optimization.

Afford your clients an extensive array of standard reports in all key areas of client interest, such as logistics costs, carrier performance and payment performance. Access a powerful modeling tool that will allow you and your clients the ability to determine the cost increases or savings that could occur using a number of different variables to re-rate previous shipments. This information can be used to assist in "what if?" scenarios for logistics planning and budgeting by using the rate engine.

Deliver additional added value to your client base by providing the business intelligence applications directly to your clients, or use the applications internally.

Key Features of Business Intelligence Include:

  • Online reporting
  • Graphing and mapping
  • Carrier Report Card
  • Executive Dashboard
  • Modeling
  • Benchmarking