Event Management

Tracking, in-transit shipment visibility and automated exception alerts are the highest priorities for logistics automation

In today's economy, it is important for companies to provide reliable, fast, on-time shipping to their clients. CTSI-Global has the collaborative event management technology that integrates all modes and carriers into one online supply chain tracking solution. The Event Management application tracks all pre-shipment, in-transit and post-shipment activity. Each event can be monitored proactively with any exceptions highlighted for additional attention or resolution.

Event Management

CTSI-Global customizes each LSP's posting panel to allow them to proactively track, trace and manage all shipment activity for their clients and to give the LSP greater visibility for improved processes.

CTSI-Global integrates these transportation tracking strengths with warehouse management tracking technologies to provide a complete end-to-end tracking solution. Additionally, the Event Management application can track shipments down to specific order or SKU.

"In-transit shipment visibility and exception alerting automation are the highest priorities for logistics automation."  The Logistics & e-Supply Chain Forum and AMR Research

Key Features of CTSI-Global Event Management Include:

  • Ability to collect event data prior to and after shipment
  • In-transit tracking
  • Integration of tracking and warehouse systems
  • Order and inventory level tracking
  • Delivery performance
  • Proactive visibility to all exceptions