Return on Investment for 3PL's

Why spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on hardware, servers and additional staff to design a Transportation Management System? By partnering with CTSI-Global, you can afford to sell applications that companies are looking for today and get additional maintenance and support needed.

CTSI-Global configures its services and brands its applications to meet each LSP and its clients' specific business requirements and supply chain needs.

Enhance your website and service pages to include your company's branding. All of the applications can match your company's look and feel while CTSI-Global's engine is behind the scenes.

Key ROI Benefits for the Logistics Service Provider Include:

  • Greater operational efficiency - Ability to integrate your entire logistics operations into one robust SaaS solution
  • Greater profitability - Opportunity to sell more high-profit services to both existing and new clients
  • Competitive advantage - Ability to keep up with and/or create a true competitive advantage over your competition. Get the attention of the 91% of companies looking for better transportation technology with your branded website, data fields, data screens and BOL.