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Solutions for 3PL's

Complement your existing strengths with a world-class supply chain solution

CTSI-Global partners with logistics service providers (3PL's) to give them a strategic advantage over competition by helping 3PL's complement their existing operational strengths with a world-class supply chain SaaS solution. CTSI-Global offers one of the first Transportation Management System (TMS) designed exclusively for the 3PL to give them control to automate manual processes, improve performance levels, increase visibility and decrease transportation costs. This state-of-the-art TMS is a SaaS-based, on-demand system.

Easily expand your service offerings with CTSI-Global's TMS

Give your clients the ability to manage orders, optimize loads, select the best carriers, automate shipping for all modes, track shipping progress, settle payment and manage claims as well as map, graph, model, trend and benchmark their entire logistics operations at more than half the costs of other companies.

Flexibility and scalability for the 3PL

CTSI-Global's TMS enables you to manage your clients' transportation from order to payment or choose to allow your clients to ship without your staff to reduce internal costs. Likewise, you can manage the freight audit process yourself or choose to outsource the process to CTSI-Global. The TMS applications are configurable to meet the business requirements of the 3PL and for that of each customer. Additionally, the on-demand architecture is scalable, allowing you to add new customers with ease. 

Solutions for Logistics Service Providers (3PL's)