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Secure, flexible, cost-effective answer to a shipper's TMS needs

Why choose TMS via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)?

Software-as-a-Service features

Effective transportation management keeps shippers competitive, connecting them to reasonable rates and reliable carriers for timely deliveries. Streamlining a shipper's transportation processes can improve performance, but developing a Transportation Management System (TMS) can be a costly and lengthy process. Software-as-a-Service eliminates obstacles by providing an online, secure, flexible, cost-effective alternative to in-house TMS development and hosting.

What are the benefits of Software-as-a-Service?

Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS, is the modern model used to access CTSI-Global's Transportation Management System. SaaS enables shippers to have the flexibility of on-demand control of their system without the costly concerns of in-house system development, server maintenance, security management and creating or enhancing features. CTSI-Global provides TMS applications as Web services that we host, maintain and upgrade for our clients.

SaaS is cost-effective because it saves shippers the cost of developing their own systems. Because the TMS is housed in the cloud, shippers also avoid the price of maintaining and securing a server to store applications and data. Likewise, because Software-as-a-Service can be reached on demand, the new system is implemented efficiently, supporting faster access to optimization and savings.

Why choose CTSI-Global's SaaS?

CTSI-Global maintains its Transportation Management System as an array of applications that can be scaled to adapt to each client's logistics needs. Applications are designed to provide businesses with visibility and control over all transportation processes, from purchase to payment. CTSI-Global helps businesses manage transportation spend, reduce regulatory compliance risks, and streamline shipment processes.

Clients are not overwhelmed by a needlessly bulky system or hefty prices. The TMS adapts to new client requirements by providing a-la-carte environment, giving them the ability to add individual applications as needed. Our seamless integration allows us to easily to connect carriers, suppliers and other Web service providers.

With our SaaS model, implementation can be completed in a matter of weeks. The optimization technology integrated with the transportation execution platform helps to automate manual processes, improve performance levels, and decrease transportation costs. By using the same provider for both TMS and freight audit and payment services, companies eliminate redundant processes and pay a fraction of the cost of using two separate providers.

Security, flexibility, reliability and cost-effectiveness distinguish CTSI-Global's Software-as-a-Service model from other Transportation Management Systems. CTSI-Global continues to enhance current features and to develop new TMS applications for SaaS. We appreciate our clients' loyalty and provide current clients with complimentary upgrades to new applications and features as we develop them.

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