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High-quality services to make logistics management, international shipping and invoice processing as seamless and easy as possible

CTSI-Global creates a customized process for all services for all clients to meet their specific business requirements and supply chain needs. The flexibility, online technology, global network, and consulting expertise are second to none in the industry.

Highest Level of Sarbanes-Oxley-compliant Audit and Payment

CTSI-Global has been providing logistics efficiencies and savings as the company evolved from a freight payment firm into a very significant global supply chain solutions provider.  Building on this success, solid ongoing expansion into every global market is a top priority. This ability to provide the “best of both worlds” is a key reason that so many companies have partnered with CTSI-Global to provide the best solution possible. After a complete analysis, CTSI-Global can address each clients’ freight payment requests, any expanded TMS requests, and provide the functionality to meet all core freight payment and business intelligence requirements all bundled at a competitive price.

Global Supply Chain Management

The logistics, MIS, technical, accounting and audit departments have in-depth expertise in all modes of transportation, ensuring that clients' savings will be maximized. The staff has been working in the supply chain industry for decades and has expanded knowledge of freight bill validation, pre-payment auditing, online reporting tools, data warehouse management, supply chain management tools and carrier rate benchmarking.

CTSI-Global dedicates considerable management and consulting efforts toward analyzing each client’s unique shipping operations. This insight enables CTSI-Global to present new business process optimization initiatives at each client Quarterly Business Review to help enhance overall efficiency, quality and savings. Additionally, CTSI-Global hosts an annual Client Focus Group whereby clients, carriers, and vendors come together to share insight and ideas for new service and technology enhancements.

CTSI-Global has achieved market leadership by providing outstanding client support and commitment, leading-edge technology, and expanded service functionality. 

Key Features of CTSI-Global's Services Include:

Please observe CTSI-Global's Freight Index for a five-year analysis of the industry.