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TMS Return On Investment

Transportation is the glue that holds the supply chain together and integration is the key. Over the years, fuel and capacity issues have driven transportation costs more than three times higher than the rate of inflation. Volatility and uncertainty have become a way of life for the transportation manager, and the tools to aid the management of transportation costs have become a "must have" rather than a "nice to have."

CTSI-Global TMS applications streamline transportation execution from order to payment. The end results are improved efficiencies, greater control, and significant ongoing savings for both clients and carriers. CTSI-Global harnesses the power of Web service connectivity and joins data from disparate enterprise systems with information from transportation service providers into simple, cost-effective shipping management solutions.

By implementing a TMS, companies can reduce their transportation costs 10-30%. While there are many companies out there that offer TMS, how do you know if you are selecting the best for your company? First examine your company's transportation challenges and needs. Then, select a quality solution that can offer you the entire suite or just the applications you currently need. Many may provide great solutions, but some are too savvy, complicated and very expensive. The real value comes from flexibility, customization, integration with add-in options, and of course, cost-efficiency.

Key ROI Benefits of CTSI-Global TMS Include:

  • Streamlined SAP integration with single connector
  • Improved efficiency, enabling consistent shipping processes
  • Improved transportation cost accounting
  • Reduced international export compliance risks

Key Areas for Expense Reduction:

  • Shipping optimization / load optimization
  • Carrier management
  • Supply chain management
  • Invoice processing
  • Online information management