University Programs for Supply Chain Scholars in Canada


  1. Centennial College | Toronto, ON
    1. Certificates: International Transportation Fundamentals | Logistics Management | Operations and Transportation Management | Project Management
  2. Concordia University |
    1. Minors: Data Intelligence | Management Information Systems | Supply Chain Operations Management
    2. Bachelor's degrees: Computer Applications | Computer Applications [Co-Op] | Industrial Engineering | Industrial Engineering [Co-Op] | Information Systems | Management Information Systems | Management Information Systems [Co-Op] | Supply Chain Operations Management | Supply Chain Operations Management [Co-Op] | Web Services and Applications | Web Services and Applications [Co-Op]
    3. Bachelor's degrees (dual): Computer Applications + Mathematics and Statistics | Computer Applications + Mathematics and Statistics [ Co-Op]
    4. Graduate certificates: Environmental Engineering | Marine Transportation | Marine Transportation [Online] | .NET Business Applications, Architecture and Development | .NET Web Applications Development | .NET Windows Applications Development | PHP / MySQL Web Applications | Service Engineering and Network Management
    5. Graduate diplomas: Environmental Assessment
    6. Master's degrees: Environmental Assessment | Industrial Engineering | Information Systems Security | Information Systems Security [Co-Op] | Quality Systems Engineering | Quality Systems Engineering [Co-Op]
    7. Doctorates: Ph.D., Business Administration, emphasis in Decision Sciences OR Management Information Systems OR interdisciplinary field
  3. McGill University | Montreal, QC
    1. Undergraduate certificates: | Supply Chain Management and Logistics
    2. Bachelor's degree: B.Com., Information Systems with emphasis in Information Systems OR Operations Management OR Manufacturing Management
    3. Professional development: Comprehensive Business Analysis | Comprehensive Project Management | Project Management: Bridging Theory and Practice
    4. Doctoral degrees: Ph.D., Health Care Operations and Information Management | Ph.D., Information Systems | Ph.D., Operations Management | Ph.D., Strategy and Organization
  4. The University of British Columbia | Vancouver, BC
    1. Bachelor's degrees: Management Information Systems | B.Com., Transportation and Logistics
    2. Bachelor's degree (dual): B.Com, Business + Computer Science
    3. Master's degrees: M.B.A., Supply Chain Management | M.M., Operations Research
  5. University of Calgary | Calgary, AB
    1. Bachelor's degree: Business Process Management | Management Information Systems | Operations Management | Supply Chain Management
    2. Certificates: Relational Databases | Web Application Development
    3. Professional designations: International Freight Forwarding | Production and Inventory Management | Professional Management, in Construction Management OR Information Technology Management OR Project Management OR Strategic Management | Professional Purchaser
    4. Diploma: Supply Chain Management | Purchasing and Contract Management
  6. University of Toronto | Toronto, ON
    1. Certificate: Business Analysis | Enterprise Risk Management | Facility Management | Operations Management | Physical Asset Management | Project Management | Project Management [Advanced] | Project Management [Applied] | Risk Management
    2. Professional development: Business Process Improvement
  7. University of Waterloo | Waterloo, ON
    1. Bachelor's degree: Management Engineering, Operations Research and Supply Chain Management [Option: Management Sciences]
    2. Master's degree: Management Engineering | Management Sciences [Online]
    3. Doctoral degree: Ph.D., Management Sciences [Research]
  8. The University of Western Ontario | London, ON
    1. Professional certificate: Project Management [Campus or Online]
    2. Master's: Environment and Sustainability
    3. Doctorates: Ph.D., Business Administration with emphasis in Information Systems OR Operations Management | Ph.D., Environment and Sustainability
  9. Wilfrid Laurier University | Waterloo, ON
    1. Bachelor's degree: Supply Chain Management
    2. Master's degree: Supply Chain Management [Research]
    3. Doctoral degree: Ph.D., Management, Operations and Supply Chain Management