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3PLs Linked In

Friday, July 01, 2011

David Biederman | The Journal of Commerce


Memphis, Tenn.-based 3PL CTSI-Global recently redesigned its Web site with connections to social media platforms a prominent feature.

The blog was designed to tap into a vibrant blogging and social media landscape, said Marly M.C. Hazen, the company's Webmaster.

"With social media, there are so many more opportunities for collaboration, transparency and getting new points of view," she said. "One of the strengths is that anyone can participate."

Hazen hopes the blog will give the company an opportunity not just to share stories, but also to do its own investigations to foster discussions about industry trends. It plans to use social media as a marketing tool to build brand awareness and position the company as an industry thought leader.

As the blog evolves, Hazen wants to address specific client questions and include more videos, graphics and original research. She also wants to get other parts of the company involved, such as client services and other departments that deal directly with customers.

"This is where the world is headed in marketing," she said. "You can't just broadcast to an audience. You have to have a continuing conversation."

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